Speech at the STLE Tribology Frontiers Conference

15. July 2015


The microtap founder Klaus Maximilian Müller will give a speech at the 2015 STLE Tribology Frontiers Conference, October 25-27, 2015 in Grand Hyatt Denver, Denver, Colorado.


Tapping Torque Technology System: Visualize the Effectiveness and Lubricity of Lubricant Formulations


Lubricant Efficiency
Based on a torque-controlled and process secured thread tapping machine (process security avoids tool breakage and pressure differences in the ground hole), complemented with a specialized evaluation and analysis software, the Tapping Torque Technology visualizes the effectiveness of lubricating media. The system depicts decisive process-parameters (*) during forming and machining and allows for a reliable prediction about the performance capability of metal working fluids (coolants) and optimized tool geometries and tool coatings.

(*) Torque as a coefficient for the factually generated work performance (Torque Mz Ncm), 
Mean Value as a coefficient for the generated work performance in average (arithmetic mean).
Standard Deviation as a coefficient for the mean deviation of torque around the Mean Value.
Gaussian Curvature shows the frequency distribution of the number of the various torques during process
Integral as a coefficient for the total stress (wear) on the measurement tool 
Temperature ∆T as an indicator for the tribological mechanisms of action.