Visualise the Effectiveness of Lubricants.

The TTT Tapping-Torque-Testsystem is a multiple development system which with the help of torque and temperature measurement visualises real evidence of decisive process-parameters during forming and machining.

This submits a reliable predication about the performance ability of lubrication media, tool geometries and coatings.

New Version: TTT System PCA 5

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  • Practical multi-development laboratory system
  • Smart handling and methods for faultless measurement results
  • Significant results for the evaluation of lubricants (additives), tools and coatings
  • Increase of added value, e.g. by raising process speed
  • Prolongation of tool life / controllable tool wear

The Difference

  • The TTT Standard and Methods realise specified comparable and repeatable results
  • The identified TTT results are comparable, both internally and within different laboratory groups
  • The TTT improves transparency of complex properties of tribological technique and provides insights which have proven their worth in practice
  • The TTT Method creates the possibility to recognize the “Carry-over-Effect” and simultaneously utilise it for valuable conclusions

Target Audience

As an evidencing device for performance, quality, functionality and effectiveness the TTT Tapping-Torque-Testsystem is qualified for:

  1. Lubricant and additive manufacturers
  2. Metal-working respectively tapping tool manufacturers and coating industry
  3. Decision makers / users of process secured production acc. to IQ, PQ and OQ

Measured Data

  1. Torque (Mz in Ncm) as a value for the afforded work load
  2. Mean Value (Mean) as a value for the afforded work load in average
  3. Standard Deviation (Std. Dev.) as a value for the mean deviation of torque around the Mean Value
  4. Gaussian Distribution (frequency distribution) of torques occurred, as histogram (Statistics)
  5. Integral (INT) as a value for total load on measurement tool
  6. Temperature Delta T (∆T) as a value for thermal influences on the work process through ingredients like e.g. water, additives and also coatings, for the interpretation of tribological procedures

Selection of Successful TTT System Customers

The TTT Tapping-Torque-Testsystem is battle tested and we are working hard to improve it further. Our customers and partners help us to develop the system to be applicable to the industries needs.