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In this section we inform you about new developments, exhibition and more.

Please understand that we can no longer provide support for the evaluation software of the TTT Tapping Torque Test System WinPCA up to version 3.7. These versions are not compatible with Microsoft Windows 10.

Information on the newly developed successor software TTT-System PCA 4 can be found here. We will be happy to send you an offer for the update.

Update: TTT-System PCA 4.1

30. September 2019

After one year of development we released TTT-System PCA 4.1. Many small improvements were implemented. The performance was much improved, especially for big projects.

Most notable other improvements are:

New in 4.1:The SumCut values are not visible in the Measure mode already. The dashed line represents the average over all other curves.


New in 4.1: Now with configurable content. It is possible to include all line graphs from all cuts. Further you can disable some charts if you don’t want them.

 More Information

Europe’s largest international conference on tribology and lubrication. The microtap GmbH will participate in this conference with a lecture. More information

EMO 2017

24. April 2017

We will exhibit the TTT Tapping-Torque-Testsystem at EMO 2017 in Hanover Germany. The EMO takes place from September 18th until 23rd, 2017.

microtap: Hall 26 Booth E54

Microtap is presenting the TTT-System at the OliDoc (Booth No. 9, see map below). Our CEO Klaus-Maximilian Müller will give a presentation at 25th January 2017 10:30 am. We look forward to your visit. More on OliDoc.


Presentation Abstract 

TTT Tapping-Torque-Testsystem – a Window into Tribology


With a torque- and process-controlled thread-tapping machine (cutting and forming) in completion with its integrated analysis software the TTT System tests efficiently the capability and the performance of 
MWF-metal working fluids (and metal working tools). 
In search of the smallest possible friction coefficient the TTT System provides and records the values related to five torque measurements: max. torque, 
torque mean value, standard deviation, Gaussian curvature (distribution of torques), integral (tool wear) – and in additiontemperature Delta T – and depicts the full details on a connected computer screen. 
Especially for national and international cross-border laboratories, the TTT System offers ideal possibilities for standardized and competitive comparison and evaluation of neat oils, emulsions and “polymer lubricants”. 
The TTT System is a multiple development and evaluation system, which provides 
insights in to the tribologic features of lubricants and lubricant formulation techniques (e.g. additive families and proportion of ingredients) during practical machining and delivers reliable and reproducible results in regard to performance capability of metal working fluids.